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I'm very happy to present you the 'Menina' 3 track, 4 artist colaboration EP.

This EP started with the 'Menina' track single release on soundcloud. About a month after the release my dear friend Istvan (musicformessier) asked me if he could make a rework of the 'Menina' track and I was in for that for sure :). He made this beautiful post rock ambiental track titled 'Menina's dream'. Istvan is a great artist.
So the idea came up.
Later in the movement I asked a very talented poet Sin​Ta​Mental which I met on soundcloud if he could write a poem about Menina. I send him some information about the mountain (Menina is a mountain near by where I live) and there it was, a beautiful spoken word by Sin​Ta​Mental :). He sent me the recorded audio file, I made some sounds to go with it and the track was finished.
By the time the 'Menina 2' was already made and sent to my dear friend Gilmar (Gimu) for remix. There was no doubt Gimu would make a masterpiece :).

I thank everyone for their time and understanding. Thank you very much.

You can find more art from my friends on this links:

'Menina 1 & 2' are available for free download on Zoran soundcloud page:


released May 21, 2015

Sin​Ta​Mental on Menina (poem)

Gimu on Menina 2 remix

musicformessier on Menina's dream rework



all rights reserved


Zoran Nazarje, Slovenia

Zoran Peternelj is a solo artist from Nazarje, Slovenia, working on experimental
ambient soundart, poetry & art in general.

thx for your time

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Track Name: Menina (poem by Sin​Ta​Mental)
Sky as deep and blue as the sea
Green ground once stained by the red blood…
And white bone of men
Crushed against the gray stone
Ravaged by the folly of man
Remnants of war scar the land
Alpine spires rising above the woes of them
Regent, they look over this place
So barren but full of life… and death
Those rising and those fallen
A somber feel, so sullen
It takes my breath away as I pause in this place
To hear nothing and feel it all
I disappear into a wilderness
Seeping into me all that was and is
From sorrow to astonishment
From war gone by to peace that now in myself resides
Here I stand alone
I turn in circles
In my head
I am intoxicated by the wonderment
Found in this outpost
Though I stand still I am moving so far away
Yet it is inside I remain, deeper in it pushes through
I am permeated by this place
And into it I fade (away)
Track Name: Menina 2 (remix by Gimu)